Way back in the land of long, long ago, when I was a mere future thought in my parent’s head there were movies called “talkies”. They were the first attempts at movie making that gone from the silent films to having sound tracks and dialog. Somewhere in the 1930s there were two actors Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy who made numerous films together. They ran these old films on TV when I was a child. I remember one film they made in which they sang a song “Ah Sweet Mystery of Life”

The lyrics: Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy – Ah Sweet Mystery Of Life

Ah, sweet mystery of life
At last I’ve found thee
Ah, I know at last the secret of it all
All the longing, seeking, striving, waiting, yearning

The burning hopes, the joy and idle tears that fall
For ’tis love and love alone, the world is seeking
And ’tis love and love alone that can repay
‘Tis the answer, ’tis the end and all of living

For it is love alone that rules for aye
Love and love alone, the world is seeking
For ’tis love and love alone that can repay
‘Tis the answer, ’tis the end and all of living
For it is love alone that rules for aye

Here in the film are two people who found each other and are “in” love. Love comes in many forms and comes to us and through us in many forms yet there is only one LOVE that comes from one Source and until we find that core, that endless well within us – until we find that Sweet Mystery of Life and surrender to It, become it, we cannot see the infinity of IT. Forms die, forms change, forms turn on us, forms leave but the Love Itself that, as the song says, is the end and all of living. This is what we all seek. How do you “find” It. Ah, now there’s the rub. Are you willing to do whatever it takes? Then you are on the right path. Follow that yellow brick road. More to come in this blog regarding the yellow brick road.


SANTA’S BAG: It’s in the bag

There are stories told about how Santa Clause’s bag is magical, that the bag never empties. If he (or even you) should reach into the bag there is always a gift in some size, shape, or form to be pulled from it in a never-ending supply. And what is more, whatever form the gift takes, it is just right for the one who is to receive it. How it is that the bag never empties? How is it that it seems so magical? A child doesn’t really ask how this is possible but rather somehow just expects, knows, believes that this is so.

As adults we like to hear the different Christmas stories that are written for us to read. Some take the form of movies, animated movies and plays for us to watch. We like the mystery and the magic and for a while we suspend our serious and duty-filled life for a much happier world full of wonder and joy and most of all, love.

They say that Christmastime is the most magical time of year. For some that includes the story of Jesus’ birth, for others that may not be the main point at all but even these people are aware of taking this time out for mending or making new relationships, of giving of their time, talents, or money for the benefit of others. You also have the category of people who are so lost, so lonely, so mixed up in addictions or tragedies and those who are unable at this time to sustain a decent life for themselves and so they have little energy to give to the festivities and enjoyment of Christmastime or anytime for that matter.

The real magic of Christmas exists all the days of your life. It happens once you have left behind the more tangible, dogmatic, intellectual side of your religious idealizations and step into the mystical side of where the laws and rules point to but do not necessarily get you there. Every religious or dogmatic structure has at its core the mystics who found their way to the Interior Castle, to the Kingdom within, to the remembrance of God, to connect or become aware of experiencing their very BEING, their Source within. This connection, re-connection, this knowing, this experience can only be described by those who have been there, as the most profound, expansive, all-encompassing, love that is beyond description.

Like Santa’s bag it is deep and boundless and endless. It contains many forms of the gift of love – parental love; love that friends have, a child’s love for the parent; sexual love; unselfish love; the love one has for music or other art; the delight one takes in conversation with a like-minded person; the joy of giving or receiving; new sights, new sounds, new experiences; a long-awaited dream come true; accomplishing a goal or crossing off an item on one’s bucket list; a hug to let you know you are special to someone. The list is endless of the forms that original Love takes. If you do not get caught up in the form so much that you do not experience or understand the love at its core – that formless source of all good – then whatever form you pull out of the bag will be mystical and magical. It is always there, that

indefinable Love but our awareness of it or our having had an experience of it leaves a little something lacking in the other forms of it that we pull out of the bag. The mystical, magical, Source wants to illuminate your way, to give you the true gifts of peace, joy, and unending surprise. Reach into the bag deeper than you ever have before. You do not have to give up anything accept the doubts that hold you back, the dogmas that threaten you, or the fear of not having something more solid to hold onto. Open up and receive the mystical magic that is yours for the asking and yours for the taking.