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I love my dog! Ollie is so cute and funny – so entertaining. He is a happy little dude this morning racing about the house, bringing me things to tussle with him or throw for fetching. The impish expression of his eyes when he is trying to think what to do next or the puzzlement look when he is trying to figure out what the heck Mama is saying brings out chuckles of delight within me. Like Tarzan swinging through the trees, he goes from one activity to the next until his body tells him it is time for a change or a rest or a nap. How simply and how naturally he lives. As I type this he tired of his chew toy and is sitting at my feet staring a hole through me which means “You figure out what I want.” He sometimes stalks his prey/toy or sock like a cat, pounces on it and runs triumphantly with it in his mouth, as any victor would, then rolls over on the carpet with it kicking his legs in the air doing a happy dance on his back. What a gift he is!

Can you look around you today and find the love, the gifts and the the blessings that you may have overlooked?


Breathe in the pain; exhale the peace. Breathe in the anger; exhale the love. Breathe in the fear; exhale the courage. Breathe in the confusion; exhale the need to know. Breathe in the hurt; exhale the compassion. Breathe in the disappointment; exhale the gratitude. Breathe in the prison; exhale the freedom. Breathe in the control; exhale release. Breathe in the hesitation; breathe out the steps. Breathe in dying; exhale life.

Breathe through the feelings – especially the painful ones – feel them, let them express then allow them to be transformed back into the silence from which they came when your thought gave them life.  Grieve them, allow them but do not make a bed in them.   Rather chose the place to lay your head and your heart that brings you peace, joy. and love.  Every though gives birth to feelings and feelings need to be acknowledged and allowed to have expression.  They are real and you are alive because of all feelings – both those you enjoy and those you do not.  Each feeling is just the flip side of the other and  within the whole of them is where your being springs forth and that being that you are is awesome, fantastic, beautiful, alive, full of promise, and precious.  Breathe that in and exhale the wonder that you are.


When a new little human enters the world we just go all puddly. We just melt; we get excited; we wonder at the wonder; we speculate about what this child will be and what she will become. So innocent, so vulnerable to the moldings of those who will influence her life. Regardless of the exposure to indoctrination of outside influences, if this child is truly loved – not spoiled with things or her way, but loved, truly loved, wanted, and made welcome by those nearest to her – she will thrive in spite of some of the blows that living the human condition could do to her. She will learn to come to appreciate how different she may be even from her own family and she will complete the plan that will unfurl by the breath of Spirit like a flag in the breeze.

Love brought her into this world. Love will sustain her. Love will carry her through the ups and downs of the highway of life. Love will hold her hand. Love will keep her head above water. Love will light her way. Love will guide her. Love will give her life. Love will accompany her all the days of this human experience and one day Love will deliver her into other arms that will welcome her arrival into that world beyond this.

Love is the answer to any question that may form – always in all ways.


I watched the movie “Anna Karenina” the one made for TV in 1985 with Jacqueline Bisset and Christopher Reeve. (So as to not to confuse with other versions you may have seen.) The tragedy of that movie in a nut shell was that Anna allowed the thinking and attitude about women, especially the aristocrats, of that time period – 19th century Russia in this case- consume her with guilt about all her “sins” until it drove her crazy and she threw herself under the train. Her head was full of erroneous thoughts, lies she told herself that all began with, in my opinion, thoughts that she must be punished for breaking the moral code and all for having desired to be with a man who loved her rather than one who thought of her as a trophy wife that was there to make him look good. Many things could be said about this movie depending upon where you are in your understanding of things including your own beliefs about the shoulds and oughts in your path. We all could probably come up with some different ideas and beliefs and thoughts about this version of the story of Anna.

In the long run, I think the most important gem this story has to offer is how we get so caught up in self-condemnation that we literally kill ourselves. That’s love turned inside out or backwards. Life is nothing but choices that bring consequences we are pleased with and those with which we are not pleased. How many have driven themselves mad or to self medicating or self-destruction because they condemned themselves based upon what others believed or what they think was believed about them because of their choices or some other reason?

When you reach that place of not loving yourself for whatever reason, you immediately start on the path of self destruction. You may gamble too much, spend too much, eat too much, risk too much, drink too much, abuse drugs,work too much, drive yourself too much, do unhealthy things, smoke, break laws, and/or project onto others your own pain and anger and do harm to others. Any o.f these will make your life miserable and even kill you. I invite you to consider not being an Anna.  Don’t get it inside out and waste your life.



Way back in the land of long, long ago, when I was a mere future thought in my parent’s head there were movies called “talkies”. They were the first attempts at movie making that gone from the silent films to having sound tracks and dialog. Somewhere in the 1930s there were two actors Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy who made numerous films together. They ran these old films on TV when I was a child. I remember one film they made in which they sang a song “Ah Sweet Mystery of Life”

The lyrics: Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy – Ah Sweet Mystery Of Life

Ah, sweet mystery of life
At last I’ve found thee
Ah, I know at last the secret of it all
All the longing, seeking, striving, waiting, yearning

The burning hopes, the joy and idle tears that fall
For ’tis love and love alone, the world is seeking
And ’tis love and love alone that can repay
‘Tis the answer, ’tis the end and all of living

For it is love alone that rules for aye
Love and love alone, the world is seeking
For ’tis love and love alone that can repay
‘Tis the answer, ’tis the end and all of living
For it is love alone that rules for aye

Here in the film are two people who found each other and are “in” love. Love comes in many forms and comes to us and through us in many forms yet there is only one LOVE that comes from one Source and until we find that core, that endless well within us – until we find that Sweet Mystery of Life and surrender to It, become it, we cannot see the infinity of IT. Forms die, forms change, forms turn on us, forms leave but the Love Itself that, as the song says, is the end and all of living. This is what we all seek. How do you “find” It. Ah, now there’s the rub. Are you willing to do whatever it takes? Then you are on the right path. Follow that yellow brick road. More to come in this blog regarding the yellow brick road.



I cannot find my way out of this castle. The moat all around is filled with crocodiles, the guards are many outside of my room. and there are so many rules I tend to break so I am found guilty. The more I am found guilty the more guards there are and the more crocodiles there are in the moat. I used to run free. i used to chase the butterflies. I used to laugh with joy just to hear the music of my voice. But one day I heard the voices outside of me telling me I was not worthy to laugh, nor to fly and chase the butterflies, and that my voice was only noise. Now I am a but a moan in the wound of my soul.

It was the voices of society. It was the raspy growls of the crowd. It was the rejection of yourself that followed all of that indoctrination that built the castle, the moat, the guards and the locks that serve as prison. Free yourself my daughter for what you believe is in your mind, the mind that has been poisoned by a shadow they call ME. It is lies and they never were a part of you. Let the lies go, find ME within your heart. If you will do that, the castle, the moat, the guards will vanish and you shall fly with the birds and flutter with butterflies. You will soar above the raspy growls of the crowd and rest in the palm of the Love that you are. Let your voice spring forth from within you and let it carry the message that this freedom brings,


Back when my children were small we sold our house and moved out in the country in the house we were building, in January, in Georgia. Can you say freezing weather and wrong time to move? The house was a shell. The walls were up but I didn’t have a kitchen sink. To my husband’s credit, we did have one working bathroom and some heat but little else including no frig. We were pioneering in the middle of modern society. For a special added twist, the only water we had was from the well and you guessed it, the pump froze so for a while, we had no water. Did I mention it was freezing cold that time of year?

When the well was being dug, our money was a bit tight and it cost us a bunch for every thousand feet they had to dig to hit water. Five thousand feet later, they hit water. Yes, it was a pretty deep well and costly to us so you can imagine to have the pump freeze and we couldn’t access the water, was, let’s say, disappointing to say the very least. We quickly learned to insulate the well and enclose it in it’s own little house. It was a very trying time for all of us but we learned to get through it and I swore I would never move into an unfinished house again.

Since I was raised in the Baptist religion, I got a lot of Bible scriptures which now make a lot of sense to me because I can truly see them from a Spiritual view point unattached to any religious sect. I bring this up because I remember the story of Jesus and the woman at the well. She offered him a drink of water from the well and Jesus told her that there was water that she could have from a well that would never run dry. I now know where that well is and I know of the water that will never run dry. There is a “well” deep inside of each of us whether or not we are conscious of it and it is filled with nothing but endless Love. Whether you draw out a teaspoon, a cup, a bucket full it is complete and full of all there is. Once you learn how to dive into it, you will no longer need the teaspoon, the cup, or the bucket.

How deep is your love? How deep is your well? If you are loving only with your own effort, that is, you still give and receive love as a learned behavior, that is good; however, if you have a very deep well of love that you consciously know and feel and experience within you, this is even better and this well will never dry up unless you abandon it, freeze the pump, or shut off the outlet.

Keep priming your pump with your desire and by your letting go of all the walls you may use to protect yourself from your fears. Use prayer, meditation and any other practice that you find personally effective to keep that well open and flowing properly. Whatever you do, don’t die of spiritual thirst when the love and the well is so deep that it is endless.